AMC Foam Technologies Tour – March 20th Chamber Luncheon

The March Chamber luncheon was held on March 20th at AMC Foam Technologies. A group

of 40 were given a tour of this state of the art manufacturing facility along with an excellent

presentation by Conrad Hoeppner, Vice President of Sales. The Gates on Roblin catered a

delicious lunch.

AMC Foam Technologies is a family run business established in 1995 by the late Tom

Smerchanski. In 2013 AMC relocated from Inkster Park into its new facilities in Headingley.

Justin Smerchanski together with a strong management team have successfully developed a

company where its staff love to come to work. AMC attributes its success to the dedication of its

employees and their commitment to communication.

AMC Foam is one of the largest employers in the Rural Municipality of Headingley with 52

employees and growing.

Their 114,000 square foot building includes a large manufacturing facility, warehouse, and a

second floor office. Expanded polystyrene insulation products manufactured at the facility

are created by injecting steam into polystyrene resin pellets. The manufacture of

polystyrene insulation is non-polluting and the “smoke” seen billowing from the plant is

actually clouds of steam. AMC uses state of the art manufacturing equipment and is proud that

it uses green manufacturing process with the recycling of water, regrinding of scrap material

with no polystyrene being hauled to the landfill. Any product or materials that cannot be

reground are melted and shipped to manufacture alternative products like picture frames

AMC Foam Technologies products are sold in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North west

Ontario. The company also sells its products through distributors in the Midwest states. AMC

products are available in lumberyards, concrete supply and retail stores across Canada and

several states in the USA.

AMC’s primary products include Logix ICF (insulated concrete forms) and rigid insulation sheet

goods. The ICFs are used to build foundations, complete homes, multi storey residences, and

other commercial structures. The rigid sheet goods (HALO) are used on the

outside/inside/below grade for both residential and commercial building. These products can be

seen throughout Headingley and can be identified as Logix, Halo, and Heat Sheet.

AMC Foam is working with contractors with the objective to build Net Zero homes by

2030. This is a new initiative by the Canadian government where all buildings will be required

to be Net Zero by 2030. This means that a building must create as much energy as it

consumes, having a net zero balance. The first concern towards reaching this target is a

thermally efficient building envelope. This is not only advantageous for reducing energy

consumption, but studies have shown that employee productivity increases with a good work

environment and thermal comfort was the number one issue.

AMC Foam has constructed several buildings in Manitoba using the Logix insulated concrete

forms. As an example, the Best Western Hotel in Headingley is a concrete ICF building and

the guest rooms are very quiet. Although the cost of using a concrete envelope is marginally

higher than a stick frame building, it is thermally more efficient. When shown two photos

using infrared sensors it was startling to see the difference between the traditional wood

frame and the concrete ICF building. It was readily apparent how the concrete ICF building was

thermally superior. Another benefit is that it costs about half as much to heat and cool this type

of building.

In a recent thermal study, the R-factor of a concrete ICF building was shown to be superior to

that of the traditional stick frame construction. With one side of the wall at -35°C and the other

at room temperature, there was no discernible heat loss for 48 hours. Over the course of a

year, with our Manitoba extreme climate conditions, one can expect an ICF home to perform at

an average of R40-45, which is 2.5 times better than the current building code.

On behalf of all the members and guests who attended the tour and presentation, the

Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Justin Smerchanski, Dinu Paraschiv, Conrad

Hoeppner and their team for the informative tour and excellent presentation.

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