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#1 West Sales

Address 4845 Portage Avenue Headingley Manitoba Canada Phone: 204-782-7336
Categories: Agriculture/Animal Services

AMC Foam Technologies Logix

Address 35 Headingley Street Headingley Manitoba R4H 0A8 Canada Phone: (204) 633-8800 Toll Free Phone: 1-877-789-7622 Fax: 204-633-2000 Website: AMC Foam Technologies
Categories: Construction, Contractors & Materials

Assiniboia Downs Gaming & Event Centre

Address 3975 Portage Ave Winnipeg MB R3K 2E9 Canada Phone: 204-885-3330 Website:
Categories: Hospitality & Recreation

Associated Auto Auctions

Address 7130 Roblin Blvd Headingley MB R4H 1A3 Canada Phone: 204-895-9790 Toll Free Phone: 1-866-737-0944 Fax: 204-889-0560 Website: Associated Auto Auction
Categories: Automotive, Business Services & Supplies

Bell’s Trailer Hitches

Address 5396 Portage Ave HEADINGLEY MB R4H 1G9 Canada Phone: 204-889-3178
Categories: Automotive

Best Version Media

Address 7752 Roblin Boulevard Headingley Manitoba Canada Phone: (204) 290-3912 Website: Best Version Media
Categories: Business Services & Supplies

Best Western Plus Winnipeg West

Address 4140 Portage Avenue Headingley Manitoba R4H 1C5 Canada Phone: 204-594-2200 Website: Best Western Plus Winnipeg West
Categories: Hospitality & Recreation

Better Business Bureau of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario

Address Unit B – 1030 Empress Street Winnipeg Manitoba R3G 3H4 Canada Phone: 204-989-9010 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-385-3074 Fax: 204-989-9016 Website: Better Business Bureau
Categories: Business Services & Supplies

Blue Moon Family Chiropractic

Address 96 Browning Boulevard Winnipeg Manitoba R3K 0L7 Canada Phone: 204-831-0449 Fax: 204-831-0450 Website: Blue Moon Family Chiropractic
Categories: Health & Wellness

Breezy Bend Country Club

Address 7620 Roblin Boulevard Headingley Manitoba R4H 1A7 Canada Phone: 204-895-7205 Fax: 204-895-1698 Website: Breezy Bend Country Club
Categories: Hospitality & Recreation

Cartier Times Community Newspaper

Address 89 Seekings Street Headingley Manitoba Canada Phone: 204-832-9363
Categories: Business Services & Supplies

CivTech Concrete & Construction

Address 1855 Highway 26 St. Francois Xavier Manitoba R4L 1B2 Canada Phone: (204) 794-8337 Website: CivTech Concrete
Categories: Landscaping & Seasonal Services, New Home Builders & Home Renovations

Coldwell Banker Preferred Real Estate, Gary Morwick (Realtor)

Address 6 – 1530 Taylor Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3N 1Y1 Canada Cell: 204-227-1019 Phone: 204-985-4300 Website: Coldwell Banker Preferred Real Estate
Categories: Business Services & Supplies

Community Futures White Horse Plains

Address P.O. Box 427 14 Main Street East Elie Manitoba R0H 0H0 CanadaAddress 11 2nd Street NE Portage La Prairie Manitoba R1N 1R8 Canada Phone: 204-353-4200 (Elie Office) Phone: 204-239-0135 (Portage La Prairie Office) Website:
Categories: Business Services & Supplies, Other

Crane Steel Structures Ltd.

Address 5310 Monterey Road Headingley Manitoba R4H 1J9 Canada Phone: 204-489-8022 Website: Crane Steel Structures
Categories: Construction, Contractors & Materials

Curb Decor

Address 469 Seekings Street Headingley Manitoba R4J 1B2 Canada Phone: 204-888-3344
Categories: Landscaping & Seasonal Services, New Home Builders & Home Renovations

DyTerra Corporation

Address 7501 Wilkes Ave Headingley MB R4H 1B8 Canada Phone: 204-885-8260 Fax: 204-885-8261 Website: DyTerra
Categories: Agriculture/Animal Services

Elders Equine Veterinary Hospital

Address Mailing Address: Box 66047 3665 Portage Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3E 2E9 CanadaWork 2911 Lido Plage Road Springstein Manitoba R0G 0N0 Canada Phone: 204-864-2888 Website: Elders Equine Veterinary Hospital
Categories: Agriculture/Animal Services

Exclusive Car & Truck Wash

Work 400 – 5540 Portage Avenue Headingley Manitoba R4H 1E8 Canada Phone: 204-594-9293 Website: Exclusive Car and Truck Wash
Categories: Automotive, Retail

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