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H@MS Marketing Services Co-Op Inc.

Address 2 – 5290 Monterey Road Headingley Manitoba R4H 1J9 Canada Phone: 204-233-4991 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-899-7675 Fax: 204-233-0049 Website:
Categories: Agriculture/Animal Services

Headingley Auto Glass

Address Unit A – 5250 Monterey Road Headingley Manitoba R4H 1J9 Canada Phone: 204-667-8024
Categories: Automotive

Headingley Electric Limited

Address 76 Falcon Street Headingley MB R4J 1B2 Canada Phone: 204-792-9729 Website: Headingley Electric
Categories: Construction, Contractors & Materials

Headingley Sport Shop

Address 5160 Portage Avenue Headingley Manitoba R4H 1E1 Canada Phone: 204-889-5377 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-665-9109 Website:
Categories: Automotive, Hospitality & Recreation, Retail

Headingley Times Community Newspaper

Address 89 Seekings Street Headingley Manitoba Canada Phone: 204-832-9363
Categories: Business Services & Supplies

Headingley West Storage

Address 300 – 5540 Portage Avenue Headingley Manitoba R4H 1E8 Canada Phone: 204-594-9256 Website: Headingley West Storage
Categories: Storage & Transportation Travel

Address Headingley Manitoba Canada Phone: 204-425-5004 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-506-7675 Website: Travel
Categories: Hospitality & Recreation

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