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Address Bridgwater Location 310 – 350 North Town Road Winnipeg Manitoba R3Y 0Y4 CanadaAddress Sage Creek Location 802 – 50 Sage Creek Boulevard Winnipeg Manitoba R3X 0J6 Canada Phone: Bridgwater Studio – 204-808-9399 Phone: Sage Creek Studio -204-272-0322 Website:


Orangetheory Fitness is a one-hour full body workout.  We train in 5 heart rate zones and all workouts focus on Endurance, Strength and/or Power.  Heart rates are monitored in real time on screens throughout the studio and there is a professional coach in each class to keep you from overtraining or under-training.  Members can burn 500 – 1,000 calories in just one hour and continue to burn calories at a higher rate in the following 24 – 36 hours due to our afterburn effect.