November 20, 2019 Chamber Luncheon

A gathering of 31 enjoyed the delicious buffet at Breezy Bend Country Club at the November 20th Chamber Luncheon.  Many thanks to RM of Headingley CAO Chris Fulsher for giving a very informative update on the RM.   Topics discussed were the water treatment plant, decreasing the speed limit on Roblin Boulevard, and upgrades to Highway No. 1.  There are plans to construct a paved major roadway between Roblin and Wilkes now that the province has removed access service roads from the Perimeter Highway.  Regionally, they are looking into extending transit from Winnipeg to the RM and are also working on getting high-speed Internet service.



Martin Hulme, a partner with ONYX Financial Group, was the featured guest speaker.  ONYX Financial Group is an independent financial services firm.  ONYX is the exclusive broker for the Chamber Group Benefits Plan in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

Martin spoke about the benefits of the Chamber Group Benefits Plan.  It is one of the oldest association plans in Canada and is the largest not for profit organization.   The Johnson Group located in Winnipeg administers the Chamber Plan.   Currently, there are 35,000 firms and 1,000 Chambers across Canada who are Chamber Plan members.

There are many advantages to the Chamber Plan.  It is easy to use and cost effective.  It provides excellent health care benefits.  The Chamber Plan is unique in that it allows access to programs not available to small groups and is customizable.  The rates are stable, with only a marginal yearly increase.  The plan has no industry restrictions, has guaranteed coverage and a 1-person business can belong to the plan.  The Chamber Plan offers, at no cost, Business Assistance Service, Teledoc (available to extended Health Care Plans) and Best Doctors Plan.

The Chamber Group Benefits Plan is available to any business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  If you would like more information on this plan, please contact Martin Hulme at

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